Can I use the online tool with my students outside of Wyzant?

Yes! Your student will first need to sign up for a free Wyzant account, and we just ask that you submit the lesson on Wyzant as well. You’ll get 100% of the rate you charge them, but please note that they will be charged the standard 9% service fee. Here’s how to get your student signed up:

  1. Ask the student to sign up for a free Wyzant account on
  2. They will be asked to tell us how they heard of Wyzant and if they say that a tutor referred them, they can submit your email address (the one associated with your Wyzant account) and you will receive the referral credit for that student.
  3. Schedule the lesson on your Wyzant calendar and indicate that the lesson will be online. The student will then receive an email with a link to the online room, and directions on how to set up for their lesson. They’ll also be able to enter the online lesson directly from their dashboard.
  4. Once the lesson is complete, submit it directly on Wyzant. As mentioned, you’ll keep 100% of your rate, but your student will be charged the standard 9% service fee. 
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