What should I do after my lesson is complete?

Here’s how to wrap up your lesson:

  1. Before you end the lesson, confirm the next meeting day and time with your student (if applicable). Schedule your next lesson through Wyzant so your student will receive an email reminder and dashboard notification beforehand.
  2. You can also save what you and your student worked on during the lesson, so you can remember exactly where you left off. Remind your student to save the work too so they can easily reference it between lessons. Here’s how to save your work:
    • From the whiteboard, choose File from the top menu, and then Export as an Image. If you forget, you’ll be prompted to save your whiteboard once you end the lesson.
    • To save code, choose File from the code editor and then Export.
    • To save text, choose File from the text editor and then Export.
  3. Once you’ve saved your work, select the End Lesson button to end and exit the lesson.
  4. You’ll then be prompted to submit your lesson. When you do so, make sure to indicate that it was conducted online so that the correct hourly rate may apply.
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