How can I help students understand the benefits of online tutoring?

Some students are hesitant to try online lessons, but based on student feedback we’ve collected, they tend to love online lessons once they give them a try. On average, students even rate online lessons higher than in-person lessons. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when sharing the benefits of online tutoring with a student:

  1. Offer to schedule a demo of our online learning tool to show new students how easy online lessons are at Wyzant.
  2. Give students tips to prepare ahead of time. Students feel more comfortable trying something new when they feel prepared.
  3. Most importantly, make sure that students understand all of the reasons why online lessons are so great, and highlight the reasons you think will resonate best based on the student’s individual needs. Here are a few highlights to consider:
    • Easier to fit lessons into busy schedules
    • Shared whiteboard and video chat makes it feel like you’re in the same room
    • It’s much easier to work on the same screen together than sitting side-by-side
    • Fewer distractions make for more productive and efficient lessons
    • Refer back to lessons by opting into Lesson Recordings

You can also send them to this page, which has a video that explains how online lessons work, let’s them try the online learning tool, and includes helpful tutorial videos.

And don’t forget, the best reason to try online lessons is so that they can access the best tutors across the country—remember to highlight why they should want to work with you!

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