Can I submit a late lesson?

All lessons should be submitted through the Wyzant platform no longer than seven days after a lesson has concluded to avoid requiring a student's approval; otherwise, the lesson will be voided. If a lesson is entered after seven days from the time of a lesson, it is considered late. Tutors have a total of 31 days to enter a lesson before it can no longer be entered into the system.

For any lesson submitted between seven and 31 days, Wyzant will send an additional email to the student asking for confirmation, and the student can approve or reject the lesson. If the lesson is approved, the student will be charged for the lesson within 24 hours. If it is rejected, the lesson is voided. If the student does not approve or reject the lesson within 14 days, the lesson will automatically be approved. 

Please note that all lessons will include the 9% service fee. Students for whom lessons are submitted late may notice they are charged the service fee before they approve the lesson. If a student has questions about this charge, please direct them to Wyzant Customer Support.

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