Why was my application to be listed on Wyzant not approved?

If you've received an email asking that you make changes to your application to be listed on the platform before resubmitting it for consideration, here are some suggestions on ways to improve your Free Response:

  • Insufficient information: Your free response should provide specific and detailed information, such as education, academic test scores, degrees, professional and academic achievements, awards, licenses, certificates, teaching or tutoring experience, and other facts that provide students with key information about your expertise. 
  • Grammar and Formatting: Free Responses must be grammatically correct, written in English, and should not include lists, sentence fragments, and improper capitalization or punctuation.
  • Resume or Cover Letter: Wyzant does not accept resumes or cover letters in place of the Free Response. This also includes links and URL's to outside content, portfolios, or profiles.

There are a limited number of opportunities to submit changes before an application is closed. The Wyzant Content Review Team considers many factors when evaluating a potential tutor profile, and not all applications are accepted to be listed on the Wyzant platform. 

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