What are subject-specific titles?

When a student conducts a tutor search at Wyzant, results display pertinent subject qualification info aligning with the subject the student searches. For example, if you tutor Spanish and Java, students searching for Spanish tutors will see a title with info about your Spanish expertise, and those searching for Java will see a title relevant to Java.


For subject-specific titles to work optimally, it's important to compose titles that are directly related to your experience working with a subject, and showcase your unique ability. In your profile, visit the Subjects page. Click on a subject, and you’ll see the following pop-up:


In the first field, compose a title, up to 70 characters, specific to your expertise and qualifications in that subject. You should consider some of the following:

  • Years of experience teaching or tutoring that subject
  • Degree(s) related to the subject
  • Job title, profession, industry
  • Certifications, licenses, and awards

Here are some examples:

  • PhD in Chemistry with 10+ Years of Teaching Experience
  • Senior Software Engineer Specializing in Java
  • LEED Certified Architect, AutoCAD Instructor
  • Certified Spanish Teacher with 15+ Years of Experience

Please note that your profile title - what students see when viewing your public profile listed on Wyzant - will remain the same. Subject-specific titles will only appear in search results, and students will never see more than one subject-specific title when performing a search. These titles, and your subject qualifications, will not replace information normally found on your profile, such as your Free Response; they are intended to highlight areas of expertise in order to help students more quickly locate tutors whose experience aligns with their learning goals. Make sure you’re ready and relevant by visiting your Subjects page to get approved in the subjects that match your expertise, submit written qualification info for each subject that gives students more detailed information about your experience and ability to tutor proficiently in a given subject, and compose your subject-specific titles.

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