What can my tutor charge for?

It is crucial that all details regarding lessons, cancellation policies, fees, and expectations be communicated via Wyzant Messages before you schedule a lesson or meet with a tutor.

In addition to normal hourly fees for completed lessons:

  • Tutors may charge for asynchronous work, such as editing/proofreading, as well as preparation of lesson materials, but before any work is started or completed, you should confirm all details of your request via Wyzant Messages, including agreeing to any rate changes, time limits, and scheduling. 
  • Tutors set their own cancellation policies, including fees, and apply them as stated on their profiles. You should always read and understand a tutor's cancellation policy before agreeing to work with them in any capacity. Please note, in some instances, information about cancellation policies included in Tutor’s public profile may not be visible to some students who participate in certain programs.  Please inquire directly to tutors about any cancellation and no-show policies before scheduling a lesson.
  • Tutors may charge for any time spent with a student, as well as time spent waiting for a lesson to begin if a student is late, and time spent with a student after a lesson time has concluded. You should confirm these kinds of details with your tutor before agreeing to a lesson.
  • Tutors may require additional fees for parking or tolls, and this information should be clearly stated and agreed upon by both parties before a lesson is scheduled.
  • Tutors may agree to purchase materials (textbooks, supplies, etc.) on behalf of a student before a scheduled lesson, and ask that the student reimburse them. This is permitted and should be communicated prior to a lesson. Wyzant suggests that tutors and students be mindful about loaning each other items, as our team cannot assist in the event that an item goes missing or is not returned. 

Tutors are not permitted to charge for travel within the stated travel radius displayed on their profiles. In addition, tutors may not charge per-mile or per-minute for any travel. Be sure to communicate this information; all details about lesson location and possible changes to the tutor's rate based on location should be confirmed and agreed upon before a lesson is scheduled.

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