What is lesson recording?

Wyzant is currently conducting beta testing for a new lesson recording feature through the Online Lesson Tool. The beta is closed, and open only to tutors who have chosen to opt-in to testing.

Do I have to opt-in to participate?

Tutors participating in the beta are given the opportunity to opt-in to this feature. 

Students must opt-in to lesson recording for their lessons to be recorded. The option will appear in the online tool before a lesson occurs with a tutor who is participating in beta testing. If a student declines, the online lesson will not be recorded. Students may choose to opt-in during a future lesson if they choose, simply by visiting their Lesson Recording page.

Lessons will only be recorded if both parties have opted-in.

How does lesson recording work?

When a student has opted in for recording a lesson that takes place during the testing period, the lesson will be recorded automatically in its entirety. No additional equipment or software is required. The video will follow the tutor’s perspective within the online lesson tool, and will include sound.

Can I view lesson recording from the Wyzant app?

No. Lesson recording beta testing is currently only available by using the Wyzant Online Lesson tool, not accessible through the free Wyzant student or tutor apps.

When will I be able to view my lesson recording?

Once the lesson concludes, a video will be available for streaming within 24 hours. Users will receive an email containing a link to their Lesson Recordings page when the video is complete. A link will also become available on your dashboard. Please note that lesson recording videos will only be available for viewing on Wyzant.com, and cannot be viewed via the Wyzant mobile apps.

Can I download videos of my lesson recordings?

No. Lesson videos will be stored on Wyzant for 30 days. Videos cannot be downloaded or shared, and are available for streaming exclusively from the opted-in users’ Lesson Recordings page. Lesson recordings MUST not be duplicated or stored using third-party software or devices.

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