What is a family account and how do I create one?

A family account is a special type of account for users who are related and wish to use the same payment information for lessons all while keeping their individual accounts separate. This is a great option for multi-student households or for friends who are using the same payment information! It is also a good option for an employer who wants to pay for lessons for their employees.

Each account under the family structure will function as its own account. They will have their own Messages, tutors, and online lessons. The only thing that will be different is the payment information. The account owner will control the payment information and will receive all receipts.

The primary account owner will need to contact Customer Support to get their account adjusted. Once the account type is changed, simply visit your Settings page and add other members to the account!


Once the account has been changed to a family structure, you will see the option to "Add user +" on the Settings page. Once you click that, you will just have to submit some basic information about the person you want to invite to share your account. 


If you select "Share account ownership" this will allow the person you invite to manage the billing information that is on file. If you don't want this person to change or edit the payment information, simply leave that box unchecked.

If the person you want to connect to your family account already has an account with Wyzant, please contact us so we can do that on your behalf. If the person you are inviting is over the age of 18, we will need their permission to link their account to your family account.

Please note that once an account has been changed to a family account, it cannot be undone. So if you think you might want to separate your accounts down the line, we don't recommend the family account option.

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