Can tutors change their hourly rates?

Yes! Tutors manage their own rates and can change them at any time with your approval. Some tutors set specific rates for group or online lessons, traveling outside of their normal travel radius, or because a student requests a discount. Tutors can opt to include this information on their profiles but are not required to do so. You should feel free to message a tutor with any questions you might have about their rates. 

If a tutor agrees to change their hourly rate, you will receive an email notifying you of the change. In the event of an increase, you must agree to any changes a tutor makes to their hourly rate before a lesson occurs, which can be done easily through a link included in the email message.  The subject of the email will be, "Rate Change Request from ____." If you have difficulty locating this email, please contact Customer Support so that we can assist with accepting the rate change on your behalf. 

Please note that if you have already held a lesson or exchanged messages with a tutor, you will be locked into the rate that was posted on their profile at the time communication was established. The tutor will have to request approval of a rate change before their hourly rate with you can be changed.

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