How can I list a subject to tutor on my profile?

In order to apply for a job through the platform, the applicable subject must be listed on your profile.  To be able to list a subject on your profile, depending on the subject, you will be asked to either complete a brief proficiency quiz or submit your written qualifications for tutoring that subject.

Proficiency Quiz

You will only receive one opportunity to take each quiz, so please make sure you have adequate testing arrangements, including a stable internet connection and a reliable computer. If you feel the need to review the subject, please do so before starting the quiz. 

Each quiz has 8-20 multiple choice questions and generally takes no longer than thirty minutes to complete per subject. You will also receive real-time results upon completion. The passing score for each quiz varies by subject; since they are designed to test competency, a perfect score is not necessary for approval.

Once you've passed a subject's proficiency quiz, you may choose to supply additional written qualifications for the subject. This step is not required, as passing a subject quiz immediately grants the ability to list that subject on your profile. Adding your individual qualifications to a subject you are able to list on your profile, however, gives students additional information relating to your knowledge of that subject area, and can definitely help your profile to stand out.

Written Subject Qualifications*

Some subjects require written qualifications instead of a proficiency quiz. All written qualifications that you provide are evaluated by Wyzant and can’t be substituted with outside qualifications such as copies of your certifications or degrees. Your subject qualifications will be visible on your profile listed on the Wyzant platform and give students key information they need when searching for their perfect tutor. 

It's important that the information you provide is grammatically correct and clearly presented. Qualifications should always be written in full-sentence, paragraph format. Resumes and lists are not accepted. Be sure to include details pertaining to your educational background, relevant tutoring, teaching, and professional experience, as well as your methods pertaining to tutoring the subject material. Also, please be sure that each subject qualification you submit contains unique information- multiple subject qualifications with identical information will not be accepted.

To begin, Log in and head to the Subjects page of your account.

*Please note that we are experiencing higher than normal volume. Profile updates are typically reviewed within 7 to 10 business days.

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