How do I determine my cancellation policy?

Tutors listed on Wyzant may determine their own cancellation policies for cancellations up to 36 hours in advance. Tutors may establish fees and should always communicate this to students before tutoring begins. It is important to communicate with your students about your cancellation policy before scheduling a lesson, in order to avoid disputes. Emails, phone calls, or text messages sent outside the messaging system are not verifiable by our team, so all communication regarding cancellations should be performed using Wyzant Messages.

Having a cancellation policy is optional and at your discretion, you do not have to charge a cancellation fee for every cancelled lesson. These fees should be clearly communicated, and applying them is at your discretion. Please note that cancelled lessons are not subject to ratings from students.

To assess a cancellation fee, visit the Lesson Cancellation page. Cancellation fees cannot be assessed any earlier than 30 minutes before the scheduled end of a lesson, and cannot be assessed more than fourteen days after the date of the scheduled lesson. Please note, lesson cancellations are subject to the standard 9% service fee. 

*To protect the Wyzant brand and reputation, tutor cancellation/no-show policies should not be abusive, meaning they cannot be commercially unreasonable under the circumstances. Examples of policies that are viewed as abusive in most circumstances include, but are not limited to, a policy that charges an amount greater than the cost of the scheduled session or requires an extreme cancellation notice period, such as more than 36 hours.

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