How do I get my first student?

There are two ways to connect with students through Wyzant: apply to jobs on the Jobs Board or get contacted by students who discover your profile.

It’s easier to secure your first students if you apply regularly to jobs. Initially, your profile will not include student ratings and reviews, which means you’ll receive fewer direct contacts from students.

Go to the Jobs Board to view jobs that match your skills and apply to them. You can filter the available jobs by subject, distance, and how recent the post is. When applying, be sure to personalize your response message.

If a student reviews your application and is interested in working with you, he or she will respond to your application and you’ll receive a new message in your inbox.

Students can also reach out to you directly from your public profile. A direct inquiry from a new student will also appear as a message in your Messages.

If you have students that you tutor outside of Wyzant, feel free to refer them to the site! You will keep 100% of your hourly rate and it will help you build up your star ratings and reviews to enrich your profile.

For more tips, check out this article.

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