Why can’t I talk to a student without payment information?

Students must have their payment information on file before continuing to message tutors or scheduling a lesson to ensure that the inquiries tutors receive are legitimate and not spam.

If you want to check whether a student has payment information on file, head to your Student Connections page, or click the "Show Details" option above your message thread with that student. A green credit card icon means you're good to go!

This policy is in place to protect tutors in the event of a lesson dispute. Additionally, if a student has payment information on file and does not show up for a scheduled lesson, tutors will be able to assess a cancellation fee, provided the tutor has a cancellation policy listed on their profile.

This policy also allows Wyzant to ensure on-time payment for tutors after lessons take place.

For more information, please review the Tutor Payment Policies.

You can view information regarding Student Payment Policies here

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