What are star ratings and reviews?

Getting positive feedback from students is a great way to improve your ranking and visibility on Wyzant. Students you work with on Wyzant can provide feedback, which helps potential students know more about you, and can help you fine-tune your tutoring.

Students can leave feedback 2 ways:

Star Ratings: Star ratings are a simple system of "grading" specific lessons. Students have 14 days from when you submit a lesson to add or edit a star rating. Ratings can range from 5 (Excellent) to 1 (Poor). Your public profile will display your average star rating, as well as a breakdown of how many ratings you’ve received.

Written Reviews: Students can also write reviews about their overall experience with you. Like star ratings, students have 14 days from when you submit a lesson to provide written feedback. These reviews are closely monitored by our Reviews Team, which checks all submitted reviews for appropriate content and relevance to tutoring. Tutors also have the ability to respond to written feedback.

Wyzant publishes all student feedback, so long as it’s relevant to the student’s experience working with their tutor. If you ever have questions or concerns about the feedback you’ve received or would like to know how to have feedback removed from your profile, you can contact Customer Support for assistance. You can also manage your reviews and ratings by logging into your account and going to your Feedback page.

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