How do testimonials work?

We offer two forms of testimonials. The first is for Wyzant as a service. The second are written reviews from students for specific tutors.

Student reviews

Students on Wyzant are able to leave written feedback for any of the tutors they have lessons with through the site up to 14 days after the lesson has been submitted. Once you submit a lesson for a student, the student can write a review that will be posted on your public profile for potential students to see. If you’d like to send a request for your student to submit feedback follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to your Student Connections page to find a student you would like to request a review from
  2. Click the “Request” link on that student’s row in the “Review” column

After your student submits written feedback for your profile, it is reviewed by us to ensure it adheres to our guidelines. If the review is approved, we’ll send you an email and you can see the review on your Feedback page.

Website testimonials

Testimonials are reviews that students and tutors can post about their experiences with Wyzant. You can submit a Testimonial by visiting the Reviews and Testimonials page and clicking “Write a Review”. Once your Testimonial is submitted, it will enter a queue for review.

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