How can I appear higher in search results?

The list of tutors a student sees changes based on that student’s specific search criteria. However, there are a few things that tutors can do to place competitively in search results:

  1. Be responsive. The most successful tutors listed on Wyzant respond to students in fewer than 6 hours. It improves your ranking to answer new student requests quickly, even if you tell the student that you can’t help them at this time.
  2. Spend time on your profile and messages with students. Your profile should make a good first impression on students with a great photo, thoughtful and informative Free Response, and details about your experience and subject qualifications. Make sure each request you apply to is friendly, and includes how you can specifically help that student. It also helps to be flexible and accommodating to a student’s specific needs.
  3. Use your network of friends and family. We make it easy for you to promote your profile via email and social media with our Referral Program. If a new student signs up with your link, you’ll keep 100% of your rate for every lesson with that student. Please note, students will still be charged the standard service fee per lesson.
  4. Ask students to add ratings and reviews. Every star rating helps! Additionally, ask any current Wyzant students to write a review for your profile. Their published review can help you attract more students. To ask for reviews, visit your Student Connections page and select the Request near the student’s name in the Review column.

For more information about how to improve your ranking in search results, as well as other suggestions for improving your tutor profile, check out our Tips to Succeed.

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