What is the Referral Program and how does it work?

We give each Wyzant tutor a unique link to refer their friends and family. With the Wyzant Referral Program, tutors can earn points by inviting students and other tutors to join Wyzant. Points are redeemable either for cash or donations.

You can send your referral link via email, text message, or by posting to your social media pages. You only receive points if you use your unique referral link, which is available on the Invite Students page.

Each point you earn equals $1. Here are all the ways you can get rewarded:

  1. Receive 40 points when you refer a new student to Wyzant after that student completes their first lesson with another tutor.
  2. If you refer a student who has a lesson with you, no points are rewarded, but you will receive 100% of your hourly rate for all lessons you have with that student. Please note, students will still be charged the standard 7% service fee per lesson.
  3. Receive 10 points when you refer a new tutor to Wyzant after that tutor completes their first lesson.


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