What is the Referral Program and how does it work?

We give each tutor listed on Wyzant a unique link to refer their friends and family. With the Wyzant Referral Program, tutors can earn points by inviting students and other tutors to be listed on Wyzant. Points are redeemable either for cash or donations. You can send your referral link via email, text message, or by posting to your social media pages. You only receive points if you use your unique referral link, which is available on the Invite Students page.

If you can't access the link, or believe a referral was incorrectly applied, please contact Customer Support. 

When you refer a new student to Wyzant, and that student takes lessons with you, you will receive 100% of your hourly rate with no Platform Fee for lessons with them. Please note that these lessons will still be subject to the normal 9% service fee.

If your referred student decides to take lessons with another tutor, the student will have the cost of their first lesson with that tutor covered up to $40. In addition, you will receive 40 reward points after that lesson has concluded (see full terms and conditions here).

If you've referred a new tutor to be listed on Wyzant, you'll get 10 reward points after the referred tutor concludes their first lesson.

Rewards points expire 1 year from the date they are accrued, and cannot be redeemed once they have expired.



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