How do I find a tutor?

You can find a tutor by searching or requesting a tutor, and Wyzant will list the tutors who best fit your personal learning goals.

How to search for a tutor:


  1. On enter the subject you want to learn and click Get Help.
  2. Answer a few questions that will help us list qualified tutors for you.
  3. Find a tutor who meets your needs from the search results page. You can message tutors from their profiles.
  4. To message a tutor, click the "Contact [Tutor name]" and then fill out the form on the next page. We recommend being as detailed as possible. Please note that phone numbers or email addresses cannot be shared at this stage.
  5. Create an account! You can use Facebook, Apple or you can create an account with your email address. Then, accept our Terms of Use to send your message to the tutor you selected.
  6. We'll email you a link to create a password for your account.

Keep an eye on your email! When the tutor responds, we will send an email letting you know. Once they do, we will ask that you add a method of payment to your account so you can continue the conversation. For more information, please review this article

Confused by why tutors you didn't message are reaching out to you? Check out this article.

How to request a tutor:


  1. Go to the Request a Tutor page.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. Answer a few questions about what subject you are interested in.
  4. Write a personal message to better explain your needs to potential tutors.
  5. We'll prompt you to create an account using Facebook, Apple, or your email address. This will ensure that you will receive responses from tutors who are listed on Wyzant.
  6. Accept our Terms of Use, and we'll post your request on our student requests board, where tutors who teach the subject you requested will be able to apply for the job and email you directly.

Keep an eye on your email! We will send you emails when interested tutors respond to your request. At this point, we will ask that you provide a method of payment for your account so you can continue the conversation. For more information, please review this article

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