What can I do about a low lesson rating?

If you wish to have a low star rating edited or removed, here are some options:

  1. Contact the student. Students have 14 days from the time a lesson was submitted to edit their star rating. Your can reach out to students via Wyzant Messages to inquire about the rating, and ask them if they’d be willing to reconsider their selection, or
  1. Void the lesson. If you haven’t received payment for a lesson yet, you can elect to void the lesson, thus removing the star rating and forfeiting your payment. You can void a lesson from your Lessons page, by clicking the lesson you want to void, and selecting the Void lesson link near the bottom of the page.

Please note that Wyzant will not void a star rating without a student's consent. We understand that a low star rating may not be an accurate reflection of your tutoring; however, the students are paying for a service, and we provide them with the ability to offer feedback about their experience.

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