What can I do about a negative review from a student?

Negative reviews are never fun, but here are guidelines to consider if you have a student who writes a negative review. We recommend you think through each option before taking action.

  • Reach out directly to the student and ask for additional feedback, and also ask if they’d be willing to try another lesson and potentially edit their review after that lesson. A student can edit a review at any time.
  • Comment or provide a response to the student's review that helps clarify the situation. This may not mean that the student will change their review, but will be helpful for new students who view your profile.
  • If you have only had one session with a student and they write a bad review, you may void the session. Once a session has been voided, a student's review or star rating will not be displayed on your public profile. Keep in mind that voiding a lesson will also mean that you will not be paid for the lesson. Also, if you have had more than one lesson with a student, the option to void those lessons because of a negative review will not be possible. You can void a lesson from your Lessons page, by clicking the lesson you want to void, and selecting the Void Lesson link near the bottom of the page.
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