How do I give a refund to a student?

To refund a student, you must void the lesson you submitted on their behalf. You have up to 14 days from the time of submission, or until the date on which you are paid to void a lesson.

How to void a lesson:

  1. Go to your Lessons page.
  2. Select the lesson you want to void, then
  3. Click the Void lesson link near the bottom of the page.*

The lesson charges will be credited back to the student's Wyzant account, and you will forfeit payment. To void a lesson after 14 days, or after you have been paid, please contact us for additional assistance.

If you would like to void a cancellation fee, please contact Customer Support.

*If you do not see an option to void a lesson, this means that you were already paid. To void a lesson for which you were already paid, please use the link above to contact Customer Support.

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