How do I start or join an online lesson using the Wyzant online tool?

If you're initiating an online lesson and want to invite your tutor to join a session:

  1. Click Student Dashboardlocated at the top left of the menu, then
  2. Select the tutor who is conducting your lesson. Tutors with whom you’ve already had a lesson will be listed in the My Tutors tab. Tutors you’ve messaged, but with whom you have not yet had a lesson, will be listed in the Contacted Tutors tab. 
  3. Under the Other Actions menu, select Join Online Lesson.

If you've scheduled an online session with a tutor, your tutor may send an email that notifies you of a lesson beginning soon. The email will include a link to join the online lesson, which will take you directly to the Wyzant online tool.

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