Why did a student's request disappear in less than 24 hours?

If you received a request from a student and it disappeared in less than 24 hours, the request might have been illegitimate. You might have also been sent an email from the Wyzant team notifying you that the request was not valid. In these cases, your response time is not affected, and, in turn, does not affect your overall search ranking.

Another reason a student’s request might disappear from your Messages is a problem with the email the student has included in their account that prevents email from Wyzant from being delivered. Such issues include typos in the email address, or a student accidentally marking email from Wyzant as spam. In most cases regarding email issues, we won’t be able to reach out to the student; however, the student will be notified the next time they log into their account that they need to update their email address.

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