Why can't I message my student?

There are two reasons you may no longer be able to communicate with a student through Wyzant:

The student’s messages may be locked. 

A lock on a student's email indicates that there is an issue with that student’s account. This issue could be anything from a problem with their payment information to accidentally registering with a misspelled email address.

Please know that in this situation, Wyzant is in contact with the student to help resolve the issue. We also inform students that tutors will be unable to get in touch with them until the issue is resolved, at which time the lock will be removed, and you will be able to resume communication with the student.

The student may no longer be active on Wyzant.

If a student’s messages have been removed from the Messages section of your account on the website or mobile app, it is an indication that the student’s account is no longer active on Wyzant. In this situation, Wyzant will not be able to provide help in contacting the student. 

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