How can I organize my messages?

Wyzant Messages is a conversation between you and your students, and we've changed some of the standard email inbox features to reflect those of a chat or text thread. 

When viewing your Messages page, you’ll see your student contacts listed in the left-hand column; click on a name to view the conversation thread, which displays the most recent message near the bottom. New direct inquiries will show at the very top as “requests” with the 24-hour time clock for quick reference.

Your Messages page will default to All Messages, but you can view your archived messages by clicking the arrow at the top of the student list next to Messages (note: expired requests will automatically filter into your archived conversations, but you can still reply to the student from the archive. You can remove a conversation from the Archive by clicking the Unarchive icon in the top right-hand corner of the Archived Messages page). 

Need to locate a student quickly or compose a message? We’ve added Compose and Search buttons to the left-hand column to make it easier to manage your conversations with your clients.

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