What does Wyzant tell tutors about me?

When corresponding with a tutor, the tutor will see only your first name, last initial, and the city/state/ZIP code associated with your profile.

Your personal email address is never shared with any user on our site, and your phone number will only be provided to a tutor by you or by a Customer Support Representative with your explicit consent.

Beyond that, it is up to you whether you want to share any further personal information with the tutors you are corresponding with (addresses, schedules, etc.). In addition, any information related to your billing will not be shared with any users of our site.

If a request for a tutor is ever posted on your behalf, the only information they will be able to see will be a truncated version of your message to the tutor you initially messaged, limited to only the subject that you are looking for help with, your first name, and the city, state, and ZIP code where you are located. Any personal information will be removed from your request before posting.

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