Can I help a student take a test?

No. Wyzant provides its platform services solely for the purpose of connecting tutors and students who are seeking tutoring services.Upon accepting the Wyzant Terms of Use when they create an account, tutors agree to abide by our Academic Honesty Policy.

This means that agreeing to perform, or performing any of the following constitutes a violation of Wyzant’s Terms of Use:

*Write papers or essays
*Perform research on a student’s behalf
*Take a course or class on a student’s behalf
*Help take a quiz, test or exam of any kind (including practice, take-home, and open-book)
*Take a quiz, test, or exam on a student’s behalf (including practice, take-home, and open-book)
*Complete assignments or projects
*Furnish answers for study guides
*Complete any type of data analysis on a student’s behalf

Wyzant reserves the right to deny, revoke, or limit access to the platform to students and tutors who do not abide by this policy. If there is ever a question about whether or not a student’s request may violate the Terms of Use, please contact Customer Support.

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