Can I have separate in-person and online hourly rates?

Yes! Tutors who are certified to use Wyzant's online tool* have the option to set separate rates for in-person and online lessons. This information can be updated from the Rates and Policies page.


Tutors who are certified to use the online tool may also update their online and in-person hourly rates through the iOS and Android Mobile tutor apps.

For more information, visit Wyzant's tutor blog.


Selecting a rate when scheduling or submitting a lesson

When scheduling or submitting a lesson with a student, you will have the option to select either "In Person" or "Online" as the lesson type. 



Your hourly rates will be listed next to the Lesson Type in the Lesson Type section. The hourly rate listed beside the lesson type - in-person or online - will reflect the default rates list on your Rates and Policies page.

If you want to change your rate for a specific student - online or in-person - check out this article!

*Tutors who are not certified to tutor online will still be given the option to schedule or submit online lessons, and in these cases, the tutor’s default in-person hourly rate will be used.

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