What is Ask An Expert?

Ask An Expert is a Q&A community that allows students to submit questions they’d like explained by tutors listed on Wyzant.

You can help students by answering questions anytime via text or video answers. Replies include your profile photo and a prominent link to your Wyzant profile, so it’s easy for any student to visit, and reach out to a tutor who finally helped them reach their “a-ha!” moment and book their first lesson for more in-depth help.

Ask An Expert’s tools are easy to use, and give you a choice in how you present your expertise, including new video answers, powered by Wyzant’s online tool. Demonstrating your approach to key techniques (and giving students a preview of what it’s like to work online with you), is an indispensable tool in any tutor’s kit.

You’ll find a detailed guide on to how to navigate and use Ask An Expert’s features here.

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