How do I record a video answer?

Demonstrating your prowess in both a specific subject and with the Wyzant online tool is a perfect opportunity to convince students to choose you over your competition. Video answers utilize the Wyzant online tool (you can find more detailed information about the online tool by visiting the Online section of Wyzant's Help Center).

To begin, just click ‘Record a Video Answer.” You’ll find something similar to what’s displayed before you join your online lessons. Included are some tips for creating effective responses in Ask An Expert. Click ‘Continue’ to begin recording your video answer.



When you’ve reached the online tool, you’ll see the Ask An Expert question listed at the top left, with the option to view it in a separate tab.


Once you’re ready, select the option to ‘Start Recording’ at the top of the screen. Once the system is ready to record, that green button will appear in the top-center of the interface. A countdown to the start of the recording will display, and then you’re off!


Once you’re ready to post your video answer, click the ‘Stop Recording’ button at the top. Then, you’ll see the above option to preview what was recorded before you post. If you want to take another shot at the question, just select the ‘Re-Record Video’ option along the bottom.


You’ll need to add a title (20-100 characters), which will be attached to the final video. Make sure it is appropriate and properly represents the topics you covered during your answer. When complete select ‘Continue.’

Your video will then be posted as an answer to the student’s Ask An Expert question! In addition, the video answers you provide will automatically be uploaded to the Wyzant YouTube channel. Your video answers will include a customized intro that shows the Ask An Expert question, as well as your profile picture and title. You can view these videos, as well as those posted by other tutors, at the Wyzant YouTube channel.

For more information about how to navigate and use Ask An Expert’s other features, click here.

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