Where do the questions on Ask An Expert come from?

Ask An Expert provides tutors listed on Wyzant an audience of new students actively seeking help every day. Your answers also appear in the “Examples of Expertise” section of your profile, designed to provide immediate and powerful insight into your tutoring style that students can peruse any time they wish. In order to help tutors extend their reach by creating content for their profile that emphasizes relevance and attract new viewers to their profile, questions on Ask An Expert originate from a variety of sources, chiefly new questions created and posted by students, but also including popular subject-matter questions from around the web, and, in the future, prompts from tutors. In order to prevent confusion, any question asked from a source that is not a student will be presented without a student name.

Questions sourced from third-party sites are included in order to expand the audience of potential students from the web. When a tutor answers a question at Ask An Expert, Google ranks their answer using its search algorithm, and serves it to anyone on the web who performs a search using similar keywords and phrases. This means that the potential reach of your answers extends far beyond Ask An Expert, and helps attract new and diverse students to Wyzant’s marketplace of subject matter experts.

Learn more about Ask An Expert here.

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