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Wyzant has partnered with Higher Ed institutions to provide online tutoring to their students. These institutions are paying for tutoring on behalf of their students and each institution sets its own parameters, including eligible students, eligible courses, and hourly rate budgets. 

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Below are answers to frequently asked questions related to Wyzant’s Higher Ed partnerships.

How does payment work for lessons with Partner-sponsored students? 

Wyzant works directly with institutions to handle payment, and all partner-sponsored student accounts have payment on file. All you need to do is submit the lesson details after your lesson has concluded. As with all students you work with through the platform, you will earn 75% of your hourly rate for lessons with partner-sponsored students.

The Partner-sponsored student I’m working with has taken the total number of lessons covered by their program parameters and would like to continue lessons with me. How can they accomplish this?

Your student is welcome to create a personal account separate from their partner-sponsored account and place a personal method of payment on file in order to continue lessons. Please encourage them to contact our Customer Support team for assistance. After helping your student create a personal account, our team can ensure that the new account is connected directly to your own so that you’re able to proceed with lessons.

I noticed that my Partner-sponsored student’s account is suddenly locked. Why would this occur? 

Student accounts are locked for a variety of reasons. Typically it means one of two things: either the course Wyzant was a supporting resource for has ended or the student has reached their lesson limit within the university’s subsidy. Students are encouraged to create personal accounts in order to connect with their tutor and continue with lessons should they choose to do so when their institutional access concludes. 

Why do some Partner-sponsored students have different rate caps/lesson allotments than others?

Wyzant supports many different higher ed institutions and often multiple programs and courses within each institution. Each has varying parameters leading individual programs to set the appropriate limits for their specific student population. 

Who decides the rate cap limits for Partner-sponsored students?

Each program determines appropriate caps based on enrollment totals, student needs, and their allotment for the Wyzant resource.

Why would a partner institution decide to change the parameters for a particular program? 

Each program periodically revisits their resources, deciding internally the support options provided to their student base. 

How can I change my rate to work with a Partner-sponsored student?

Jobs posted for partner-sponsored students should always indicate a rate cap determined by their institution. If you would like to apply to a partner-sponsored job and need to change your rate to meet the program cap, you can do so directly from the job application. Simply select the “Edit” option in blue above the “Submit Application” button in order to reduce your rate for the student. 

If the student has contacted you directly for lessons, please contact our Customer Support team in order to reduce your rate for a partner-sponsored student. Customer Support can be reached at support@wyzant.com, via live-chat from your tutor dashboard, or at (312) 646-6365. You may also contact our Success team at success@wyzant.com to request a rate reduction.

Due to an issue currently affecting rate change requests submitted for partner-sponsored accounts, please do not submit a formal rate change request to a partner-sponsored student at this time. Instead, follow the above advice.

Are Partner-sponsored students approved for group lessons?

Not at this time. Most institutions are partnering with Wyzant specifically for the 1:1 tutor-student relationship and individualized approach. 

I’ve developed a long term tutoring relationship with a Partner-sponsored student. Their account was previously closed, but they’ve contacted me outside the site to indicate their institution has approved them for more lessons. I cannot locate the student’s account on my “Student Connections” list, however, and their messages are still locked. What is going on with their account and are they approved to proceed with lessons?

If your messages with a partner-sponsored student are still locked and you are unable to locate their account on your list, this likely indicates that the account remains closed. Please encourage your student to have their advisor contact success@wyzant.com to have the account reopened. Our team can only do so with confirmation from the institution. Please do not proceed with lessons until you confirm the student’s account has been reopened.

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