Why is there no payment date for a lesson I just submitted?

Any lesson submitted between 7 and 31 days after it was held, will require approval from the student you had the lesson with. The student will receive an email from Wyzant, which will prompt them to approve or reject the lesson, and until the student takes action, your estimated payment date will remain pending. The platform-tools do not permit the submission of lessons beyond 31 days.

Once the lesson is approved, the student will be charged for the lesson within 2 hours and you’ll see the new payment date on your “Lessons” page. If it’s rejected, the lesson is voided and no payment will be rendered.

If the student doesn’t approve or reject the lesson within 14 days, the lesson will automatically be approved and the appropriate payment date will be visible on your “Lessons” page.

Another reason why there may not be a payment date on a submitted lesson is if was disputed by the student. You should have received an email from Wyzant regarding the dispute. For more information about lesson or cancellation fee disputes, review this article.

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