Why can't I find my student in my list?

If you can't find your student when you attempt to join an online lesson or submit your lesson for payment, they may have been inadvertently hidden.  

To un-hide a student, click "Show All" in the upper right can corner of your Student Connections page. 



Once you have located your student, de-select the box labeled "hide." 


If you have a lot of students, we recommend hitting ctrl+f (or command+f) and searching the student's name. 

If you are having difficulty finding your student's name to assess a cancellation fee, you may need to click the option to "See more students" at the bottom of your page to see new students.


If you still cannot find the student, the student may have an issue with their payment information.

If this is the case and you need to submit a cancellation fee, please email the full details of your cancellation assessment (time, date, subject, fee, and a 25-word review for your student's records) to support@wyzant.com as soon as possible for consideration. Per our payment policies, cancellations must be submitted to the student's account within the first 14 days. 

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