Scheduled Writing Requests

National University and Wyzant for Higher Ed have partnered to supplement NU’s Academic Writing Center by harnessing the power of Wzyant’s tutor marketplace. We’re launching a new type of tutoring request in order to provide a seamless experience for these students. Below are the important details about Writing Center lesson requests, and how to claim them:

  • A student will request a writing support session at a specific time and day - these requests can be received a few hours in advance, or upwards of a week in advance.
  • A group of qualified tutors will be notified about the new request via email (see example below). 
  • Claiming a request will automatically schedule the session at the requested time and connect you and the student on the Wyzant platform and in messaging.   
  • The hourly rate budget is outlined in each request, and by claiming the request you are agreeing to this hourly rate. These students cannot be charged cancellation fees. 
  • National University still handles all payments for these students, so students will not see your hourly rate, or any payment-related information.


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