One of my students is disputing a lesson or cancellation fee I submitted. What should I do?

As a third party, we always recommend that tutors and students come to an agreement should a billing dispute arise. If an agreement cannot be met, we have a disputes process that is designed to be as fair as possible. 

If you receive an email from Wyzant notifying you that a student is disputing a charge that you submitted, please reach out to your student. We often find that tutors and students can resolve any issues without Wyzant intervention.

After reaching out to your student, if you still cannot come to an agreement about the submission, please reply to the email you received from Customer Support with information regarding the submission in question. We typically ask that tutors respond within 3 business days.

After 3 business days, if an agreement still hasn’t been reached, we will use our Payment Policies to make a decision either upholding, adjusting, or voiding the submission. A member of our Disputes Team will follow up with both you and the student with information about the resolution.

Please note, in some cases if a tutor has yet to be paid for the disputed lesson, Wyzant will place a hold on the lesson and the tutor will not be paid until the issue is resolved. With that in mind, we recommend attempting to come to an agreement with your student as quickly as possible.

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