Tutor Feedback Posting Guidelines

Wyzant wants your opinions to be heard

We want future parents and students to get the information they need to make smart hiring choices, and we’d love to have your help. As a Wyzant customer, you can submit written feedback for tutors with whom you have had a lesson. We encourage you to share your opinions, both favorable and unfavorable. All we ask is that you follow a few simple guidelines.

Tips on writing a great review

Be specific. Your review should focus on detailed aspects of the tutor’s communication, professionalism, punctuality, and expertise.

Not too short, not too long. Written reviews must be at least 20 words and are limited to 500 words. The ideal length is 75 to 500 words.

Be sincere. We welcome your honest opinion about the tutor—positive or negative. We do not remove feedback just because it is critical. We believe all helpful information can inform our customers’ hiring decisions.

Keep it current. The best feedback is from students and parents who have used a tutor several times, so make sure you’ve gathered sufficient information before posting your review. If your opinion of the tutor changes, you can always come back and amend your feedback.

What’s not allowed

Wyzant is pleased to provide this forum for you to share your opinions. While we appreciate your time and comments, we reserve the right to remove feedback that includes any of the following:

Objectionable material

  • Obscene, profane, or distasteful content
  • Personal or judgmental comments

Promotional content

  • Advertisements, promotional material, or repeated posts that make the same point
  • Feedback written for any form of compensation other than a free copy of the product

Inappropriate content

  • Phone numbers, postal mailing addresses, and URLs external to Wyzant.com
  • Comments on other reviews visible on the page (because page visibility is subject to change without notice)
  • Reviews of the Wyzant.com website or Wyzant as a company that are not specific to the tutor. These reviews belong on the Wyzant Reviews Page.

Problems, issues, and questions that are pending for which you require assistance should be directed to Wyzant customer service or to the tutor directly via email. Please use the feedback forum to express your overall opinion of tutors and not for the purpose of addressing or resolving specific concerns.

*Please remember that many tutors on Wyzant derive their livelihoods from their tutoring work. We, therefore, ask that you carefully consider the implications of your feedback before posting it on the site. You are encouraged to be honest with both your positive and negative feedback, but it’s important that you be as professional and objective as possible.

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