Important Scheduled Request and Policy Information

Request Details

  • Students who submit short-term requests differ from traditional marketplace students. These students are solely from the Wyzant platform’s institutional partnership program. 
  • Scheduled Request Students are not entering the platform by reviewing listings and selecting a single tutor. You will likely be their first point of contact. Given this, you have the ability to convert each writing center connection into a valuable ongoing student.
  • Should scheduled-request students wish to continue lessons with you, they are able to do so by scheduling with you directly. In order to facilitate another session without scheduling a request, please use your Wyzant calendar feature so the student may access the lesson link.


Applicable policies

  • These sessions must be synchronous. An institutional requirement for partner students is that they are not permitted to request editing or proofreading services, the work must be done in real-time. 
  • As part of working with partner students, cancellation fees are not applicable. In the event a student does not click the cancellation button or message you directly to cancel the lesson, a charge at the agreed-upon predetermined rate (agreed to when claiming the session) for a 1-hour session may be assessed for students who do not attend without prior notice. 
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