Wyzant for Schools Scheduled Request and Policy Information


Request Details

  • Wyzant for Schools students who submit Scheduled Requests differ from traditional marketplace students. These students are solely from Wyzant's partnership program. 
  • Scheduled Request Students are not entering the platform by reviewing listings and selecting a single tutor. You will likely be their first point of contact. Here are some other things to keep in mind:
    • Some of these students may be joining from the site of an afterschool program. There may be one or more adults observing and assisting multiple students if there are issues with the technology they're using.
    • These lessons are often scheduled by the school on the student's behalf, and communication from the student may be limited prior to the session.
    • These sessions can only be rescheduled by the school.
  • Should Scheduled Request students wish to continue lessons with you, they are able to do so by scheduling with you directly. In order to facilitate another lesson without a scheduled request, please use your Wyzant calendar feature so the student may access the lesson link.

Cancellation & No-show Policies

  • When a student does not appear for a scheduled session, you may assess a no-show fee, up to the hourly rate listed in the request email.
    • We ask that tutors wait for the student to appear, for 15 minutes. If the student fails to show, a cancellation fee for the full hour may be charged.
  • A fee may also be assessed if the student cancels the lesson within 4 hours of the scheduled start time.
  • Wyzant for Schools students are not aware of the details of hourly rates and will not be notified of cancellation fees.
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