Scheduled Requests Student Cancellation Policy


By utilizing Wyzant’s supplemental writing support, you agree to:

Make every effort to cancel scheduled sessions you cannot attend. Tutors listed on Wyzant are experts in their fields juggling demanding schedules. A scheduled session with you often means they decline another potential student. In light of that, we kindly ask that you provide proper notice should you need to cancel. 

Failure to notify tutors in the event of a cancellation may result in the assessment of a fee to your account. Should this occur, your institution will incur the cost and the time for the assessed fee will be deducted from your total tutoring allotment. 

If you miss two scheduled sessions in a month without notifying the assigned tutor, your access to the resource will be restricted for 30 days. Access to the resource can be reinstated after that timeframe by email request only. 

To cancel a scheduled writing session, please utilize one of the following options:

  1. The cancellation feature in the Wyzant session confirmation email
  2. The cancellation feature on your Wyzant account dashboard, located by clicking the ellipses next to the “Join Online Session” button

To request reinstatement after 30 days of restricted access, please email

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