How do I dispute a lesson or cancellation fee charge?

All tutors in the Wyzant community are listed independently and therefore we are unable to adjust lesson or cancellation fees they submit without reaching out to them first.

With that in mind, if you believe you were erroneously charged or overcharged for a lesson or cancellation, the first step to getting a refund would be to reach out to the tutor who submitted the lesson or cancellation fee. It is possible that they just made a mistake! Tutors have the ability to edit or void lessons from their end.

If your tutor voids the charge, please let us know by emailing or by clicking the orange Support button on this page, and we will process the refund back to your method of payment. Otherwise, the amount you were charged will be added to your account as a credit and will be applied to future lessons on Wyzant.

If you are unable to get in touch with your tutor or if they are unwilling to adjust their lesson or cancellation fee submission, please do let us know. We have a review process in place to help protect students in the event that an inaccurate charge is submitted by a tutor. 

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