An Update to Your Messaging Experience

While performing necessary system upgrades in May 2020, we made some quality of life improvements:

  • Search now looks through a list of all of your student contacts to easily find and open a conversation with a student.
  • We have removed “new message” as a separate button from Search, as they do the same thing.
  • Instead of “Archiving” conversations, you will now use “Leave Conversation”. When you leave a conversation it will be removed from your messages list. But don’t worry! You can get back to that conversation with all messages intact at any time by searching for the student and opening the conversation back up.
  • Supported documents shared in messaging will now be opened up directly in the browser. You can still download the file.

Finally, we have made some backend upgrades to our messaging system to ensure that it’s more stable and efficient. During the upgrade, all of your student contacts were maintained and we retained your last 6 months of messages in order to provide continuity with your students.

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