How does Wyzant vet tutors?

Wyzant has a specific team dedicated to reviewing tutors' submitted qualifications before the tutors are listed on In order to be considered for a listing on the platform, tutors have to complete a rigorous registration process.

This process includes submitting written qualifications, taking proficiency quizzes, submitting their education level, detailing any professional experience, and writing about their overall experience teaching and tutoring.

Once tutors submit their qualifications, our team manually reviews the information to ensure their qualifications meet Wyzant's standards. If they do not, Wyzant will not list their services on the Wyzant platform.

Please note that since tutors are independent, we do not require them to purchase or provide a background check in order to be listed on Wyzant. As a prospective student, you have the ability to purchase a background check for a tutor.

You can also adjust your tutor search parameters to only include tutors who have a background check on file by selecting "Background check on file" on the search results page. 


As a prospective student, please feel free to request additional information from a tutor you're considering. For example, some students request resumes or professional references before they commit to selecting a tutor. 

Check out this article for some tutor hiring safety tips.

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