How do I give my student a nickname?

If you would like to give your student a nickname to make locating them easier, you can do so by selecting the "My Business" menu at the top of your Tutor Dashboard. From there, you'll need to select "Students" from the drop down options that will appear.

On your Student Connections page, locate the student you'd like to give a nickname to and click their name. This will take you to that particular student's info page where you will see the following under their General Info section:


Click the pencil icon on the bottom left in order to edit your student's information. Aside from adding a nickname, you'll have the ability to fill in a phone number or any mileage information you may like to jot down. Once you've finished doing so, click the orange "Update" button to cement any changes.

Your student will now appear under their new nickname once you return to the Student Connections page.

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