How do I view student engagement details?

Your advocate account provides the ability to view engagement on both the student and school-level.

To view student-level engagement, locate the student record on your list using the "Search student name" feature. 


On the student record, scroll down to the "Sessions" section to view details for the particular student. This section can be filtered by course (subject) or date range. It defaults to the "Summaries" view, which includes the session date, subject, tutor name and summary, and student rating if applicable.


Switching to the "Durations" view provides a simplified breakdown with the length of each session and total hours used by the student.



To view school-level engagement, select the "Sessions" option on the navigation header.


This page provides an overall, lesson-level visualization of every session submitted for your school. It is formatted similarly to the student record sessions table and provides the option to export the data to a CSV file. 



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