Online Learning Tool Troubleshooting Tips

Below you will find troubleshooting steps that should help to address the most common issues users may experience when using the Online Learning Tool. A lot of helpful information can be found in other articles in the Online Learning Tool FAQs.

We have also included some specific troubleshooting steps for common issues at the bottom of the article. 


General Troubleshooting


Web Browser Tips

  • Ensure you are logged in to your account on the Wyzant website, as online lessons cannot be accessed from the app. You may use a desktop, laptop or tablet. Smartphones are not supported at this time.

  • One of the broadest tips we can offer is to restart your browser and/or computer. Often a fresh browsing session can correct any errors you may run into.

  • Ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. You can read more about updating your browser here: Chrome | Firefox | Safari

  • If a browser update does not resolve the issue, it is best to proceed with clearing cookies and cache. If your browser’s cache has not been cleared for some time, it can affect the functionality of the online tool. You can read more about clearing cookies and cache here: Chrome | Firefox | Safari

    • Alternatively, you can access the site via a private or incognito browsing window. You can read more about private/incognito windows here: Chrome | Firefox | Safari

Connection Strength Tips

  • Sometimes problems that users face in an online lesson are caused by an issue with their connectivity. If possible, try to pause activities like file downloading, online gaming, and video streaming on other devices connected to your network, as this can impact connection speed and streaming quality.

  • Ensure that your internet connection does not have a firewall that is blocking the functionality of the online tool. This is common when using work, school, or other public connections.

  • If using a wifi connection, try switching to a hardline connection, if possible

  • If a hardline connection is not possible, try moving closer to the wifi router - do not move too close to the router, somewhere in the 7-10 ft range is ideal. 

  • Ensure no large metal objects are between your computer and the wifi router.


Issue Specific Troubleshooting

I cannot see/hear my tutor or student

  • Check out the tips outlined in the Audio/Video FAQs
  • Both parties should try refreshing the room
  • Both parties should completely close their web browser (Force Quit for Mac or End Task via the Task Manager for Windows) and then restart the web browser
  • Ensure both parties have allowed their browser to to access their camera and microphone 
  • Both parties should try to update their web browsers, clear their cookies and cache and/or join the online room from a Private or Incognito window
  • Both parties should ensure their internet bandwidth is not being utilized by other users on the network streaming games, movies, music or downloads

I cannot join the same online room as my tutor / student

  • This is common when a student may have a duplicate account that they may not be aware of
    • The student should ensure they are logging into the account that the lesson was scheduled with
    • The student can confirm which account the lesson was scheduled with by reviewing the "[Tutor] has scheduled an upcoming lesson with you" email. At the footer of this email, the student will see the email address associated with the correct account:mceclip0.png
    • The student can confirm which account they are currently signed into by visiting their "My Account > Settings" page and checking the "Email" field.

I cannot get through the walkthrough - it says my device is already in use

  • Ensure that all other programs that may be accessing the camera and/or microphone are force closed and not running in the background (Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, etc.)
  • Force quit and restart browser
  • Try to update your web browser, clear your cookies and cache and/or join the online room from a Private or Incognito window
  • Completely restart your computer and try again without opening any other programs

The audio/video/whiteboard during the session is laggy or choppy

  • Ensure that your internet speed is at least 500 kb/s (more is preferred)
  • Try the steps outlined in the Connection Strength Tips section above

There’s loud beeping that happens halfway through my lesson

  • This is simply the built-in inactivity monitor - if a user does not interact with the platform every 30 min or so, the monitor will beep
  • To prevent this beeping, simply interact with the whiteboard every 15-20 minutes

My Stylus/Drawing pad is drawing weird ‘tails’ on the whiteboard

  • Ensure that the drivers for your stylus/drawing pad are fully up to date
  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting the stylus/drawing pad and then refreshing the lesson
  • For Windows users, go to the tablets Properties/Settings menu, select Mapping, and then disable “Use Windows Ink” (if applicable)
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